Skateboarding is a freestyle sport in which riders perform tricks in skate parks or on structures found in the street.

Unlike longboarding and cruising, which look more for speed and movement, skateboarding is particularly visible through its technical aspects which are related to the mastery of its multiple figures.

Discovery is also a very large aspect of this sport, because riders are always looking for new places to innovate and take on new challenges. Our wide range of skateboards allows us to introduce this discipline not only to young riders, but also to seasoned skaters who would like to purchase equipment at a good price.



Whether you are looking for strong sensations in a mountain descent, or are an addict of slow rides by the sea at sunset, a longboard will be your ideal companion to mix relaxation, sliding and discovery !

We know that people use longboards in many different ways, which is why we have created a range of longboards that capable of meeting all needs and riding styles.



Do you want to rush down the streets at full speed ?

The cruiser is the board for you! In addition to being easy to carry, its small size and its responsiveness will allow you to overcome the obstacles of the city. Our range consists of 2 types of cruisers. We have cruisers made using materials such as wood, which recall the style of the old skateboards, as well as plastic cruisers which bring you back to the 70s and give you a wide choice of customization.

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